Why would anyone want to start a temporary tattoo parlor?

July 26, 2011

In this economy, one needs multiple income streams to survive and creating your own business is the key.

Here are five reasons that will explain why a temporary tattoo business is such a great idea:

Little cash required:
A temporary tattoo parlor requires very little capital to get started
Setting up purchasing your beginning inventory of temporary tattoos can be accomplished for less than $100.

A readymade market exists:
Most consumers already know about and love temporary tattoos.
There will be no need to advertise in order to educate potential customers about your temporary tattoos
Few products that have such wide consumer appeal as temporary tattoos…they appeal  to all ages from toddlers to teen to adults.

You can develop multiple income streams:
There is no need to give up your current job:
This is a profitable business that can be conducted while keeping a regular job.

Multiple places to set up your business:
You can set up your temporary tattoo business at craft fairs, school fairs,  proms, flea markets, carnivals, biker rallies, holiday events, private parties, etc.

Great profit potential:
There is an opportunity to earn profits of 400-1000%. Considering the very low investment, this is a huge profit. Temporary tattoos are available wholesale from several online companies for as little $.25 to $1.00.
Consumers will easily pay $1-2 dollars to have the small ones applied and often up to $10 for the large designs.

Easy to set up:
Your Temporary Tattoo Parlor can be as basic as a covered table with a few colorful boards showing the different temporary tattoo designs offered. Very little else is required.
You can set up anywhere that there is a crowd.

The possibilities for this business are endless. If you are looking for a fast and easy way to accomplish a successful business endeavor, selling temporary tattoos
could be the answer to your needs!

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