Why Runners are Choosing to Wear Temporary Tattoos at Events

January 1, 2012 

Here are eight reasons why you, as a runner, may want to consider wearing temporary tattoos at your future events: 

1.  You have always wanted to get a permanent tattoo but are not sure what to get…so temporary tattoos gives you the chance to try the idea out first.

2.  You think you know what real tattoo you want but not sure of the best location on your  body … so you choose temporary tattoos to experiment with location. 

3.  You already have a real tattoo but with respect to running…you would like to try temporary tattoos in case you stop running someday.

4.  You like the look of a certain running tattoo but you don’t want the lifetime commitment … so you choose temporary tattoos for your events instead. 

5.  You would like to a tattoo design in a specific location for a race but would like to use a different design for one for your marathon runs … so you choose to wear temporary tattoos.

6.  You have a running tattoo design you like in mind but you think a wet sponge will be  less painful than a tattoo needle.

7.  You know that removing a temporary tattoo is painless but you not so sure about removing a real one…should you ever change your mind.

8. Temporary tattoos are less expensive than real tattoos…and you are usually short on cash.

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