How to Turn Your woman on with a gift of Sexy Temporary Tattoos

Sept 24, 2010 

There is no doubt a Sexy Temporary Tattoo is HOT! I periodically talk about getting a Tribal Lower Back tattoo and my boyfriend gets very excited. Visions of Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox dance through his head with wild passion. However after a few weeks the urge passes and the reality of having a tattoo for life sets in and no tattoo.

Recently, I found a great website on that sells at unbelievable low prices. I decided to order the “Sexy Lower Back” package of temporary tattoo’s to turn on my man…and did it ever work!

The tattoos arrived in 3 days and I get ready for his as a special treat! I told my guy that I had a secret and he could search my body to find it. Well…when he did…he totally loved it…and me…all night long.

It was the perfect way to express the “naughty” side of me! The next week I tried the tattoos from the
“Sex Goddess” package and it was one hot time. When my man found the little “kiss me here” lip print tattoos in a variety of intimate spots…well you can put your imagination to work! 

I will probably never get real tattoos because having sexy temporary tattoos, I can change with my mood to express my sexuality is too much fun!

My man and I soon became addicted to this little game and a bunch more tattoos. They arrive in packages with a few dozen in each package. Of course, now all my girlfriends know my secret and keep casually stopping by ask for a few more tattoos…maybe I should go into the “temporary tattoo” business.

The quality of the temporary tattoos I ordered was exceptional and the pack had a great variety of designs! The tattoo’s applied very easily, looked stunning and lasted over 5 days.

Some of the temporary tattoo packages that are available online include: Lovergirl, Porn Star, Exotic Henna, Sexy Tribal, Sexy Pastie Tattoos (for nipples), Tattoos for Lovers, Naughty Party Tattoos, Sexy Bride and Tattoos for Guys.

Hey guys…if you are looking for a truly “sexy” gift or surprise for your girlfriend or wife this will do it!


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