Why Choose Temporary Tattoos?

January 15, 2012 

An increasing numbers of people are deciding to get permanent tattoos, leaving a permanent mark of their choosing or preference on their skin.
Although it’s unfortunate, many people who get tattoos go to studios who use unsanitary products which often leads to infections or many other problems.

The distinct beauty of temporary tattoos is that they are non permanent. With temporary tattoos you do not need to worry about  infections or unsanitary conditions. Temporary tattoos are completely risk free and can be removed easily using household rubbing alcohol.

If you choose to get yourself a permanent tattoo …you’re are permanently tied to it. To remove a tattoo you will need to have it surgically removed which is extremely costly.
In contrast, temporary tattoos usually cost less than a few dollars. For the price of one permanent tattoo, you can purchase enough temporary tattoos to last for many months!
If you are stuck on a particular design, you can order it as a custom designed temporary
tattoo. The cost of 1000 pieces of the fake tattoo will still probably be less than the permanent tattoo…and you can change your tattoo everyday for several years.

Now that you know about this…you may think about settling for temporary tattoos.

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