Where to Turn When You Need Custom printed Temporary Tattoos

August 5, 2011

Ordering large quantities of anything can mean that you might need to go through a manufacturer instead of a retailer. This same thing goes for products like temporary tattoos. While temporary tattoos  are easy to find, you cannot always find a temporary tattoo manufacturer as easily. There are several ways to go about finding the right temporary tattoo company. Use these tips and suggestions while searching.


If you need to order tattoos directly from a manufacturer, but are unsure of who to use, consider asking a local store owner who has temporary tattoos who they order from.  Ask for opinions and you will learn a lot. Some store owners may not want to share their sources but some will be helpful.

Check the label

You can always purchase a few different temporary tattoos from several retailers and check out the back. A good quality tattoo will have the name of the manufacturer on the backside. Some will even have a contact address.

Check Out Shipping

When you are searching through the temporary tattoo manufacturers to find the best one out there, don't forget to check out shipping charges.

Some companies will offer free shipping on temporary tattoos which will help you lower your final cost.

Although finding a good temporary tattoo manufacturer might not be the easiest task at first, once you find one, you can use them comfortably whenever you need more tattoos.

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