Wear Your Temporary Tattoos to help abandoned kids in Kenya

January 24, 2012 

How did six tattoo artists living in the U.S. wind up designing temporary tattoos that were inspired by six rescued children in Kenya? 

 Robyn Fukumoto and Lauren Sauma are two friends who wanted to raise money for Flying Kites, a nonprofit organization dedicated to caring for abandoned, abused and orphaned children in Kenya. Flying Kites’ mission is to raise the level of care for children in need to help break the cycle of poverty.

Robyn and Lauren enlisted the creative skills of six artists who were to design the temporary tattoos and paired each one with a Flying Kites' child in need of sponsorship.  The children answered questions and the artists used their stories as inspiration for these limited-edition temporary tattoos. These temporary tattoos are works of art for showcasing on skin.

You can purchase these temporary tattoos from Flying Kites’ website. When people start asking questions about your new temporary tattoos, it’s a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about the Temporary Tattoos Project and Flying Kites.

The Temporary Tattoos Project donates all proceeds to Flying Kites’ child sponsorship program and its center, the Flying Kites Leadership Academy. Are you ready to get inked?

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