Use Temporary Tattoos Instead of Face Painting

August 13, 2012

Easy to use temporary tattoos make the art of face painting fast and easy... just add the water!

Most temporary tattoos are simple and fast to use. You just position them on a cheek, cover the tattoo using a wet cloth or paper towel, hold it over the skin for a few seconds, and it’s finished. Instantaneous face art…ready to go!

 The cheaper temporary tattoos may not work that well, but there are many good quality temporary tattoos that work great for this purpose. Removing these temporary tattoos is also very easy…just apply some household rubbing alcohol and wipe away.

 Although some temporary tattoos look fabulous, some people say they are inferior to the idea of true face art work.
Many face painting artists are insulted to have their work compared to temporary tattoos.

Temporary face art is not only available as temporary tattoos; they can also be airbrushed on, which takes a bit more understanding. Markers are great for applying making temporary tattoos for the face or body. Stencils are widely-used to make application easier.

For detailed face art temporary tattoo, try an eye liner pencil for outlining the details. Artists who are excellent at detail may actually end up having their designs turn out like looking like temporary tattoos.

Temporary tattoos have become very popular with teenagers that are not old enough to get real tattoos. These inexpensive fake tattoos can be found in many candy machines or at game arcades.


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