Unusual Ideas for Temporary Tattoos

October 29, 2011

For people who want to look like they got inked on their hands, temporary tattoos for the knuckles are the perfect idea. This type of temporary tattoo is usually very simple but makes a strong statement. The only problem with a real tattoo on the knuckles is that it is often very painful is due to the fact that there is very little meat in this area and the needles pretty much make contact with the bone. But it’s still such a cool idea that many people purchase temporary tattoo letters and create words or designs that only last for a few days…these temporary tattoos look exactly like real tattoos!

Some excellent ideas for temporary tattoos on the knuckles are uppercase words like love, rock and roll, soul, love-hate, free or good luck. In addition to letters, there are many great temporary tattoo designs for the hands such as glyph zodiac, symbol of infinity and mathematical symbols. Although there is only a little room for a temporary tattoo that is too complicated, it does not mean that the temporary tattoo needs to be dull. Just use your imagination and blow everyone away with some really exciting temporary tattoos on your knuckles.

The same temporary tattoos can also be used on the toes, feet or hidden intimate spots under he bikini line. Here is no limit to the temporary tattoos that one can achieve when your imagination gets excited!

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