Trendy Temporary Tattoos are hot for women of all ages

June 19, 2011

Temporary Tattoo trends range from classic Monster tattoos to flowers and angels.

The monster temporary tattoo

The temporary tattoo is a monster big favorite because it is a symbol of feminine power and energy. Small or elaborate tattoos Monster is guaranteed to attract attention. Zombies and vampires can have it tattooed on your arm! If the terrible tattoo monsters aren’t your cup of tea, you can opt for mythological monsters.

Temporary tattoos ankles

This is another favorite among women for many reasons. A temporary tattoo on the ankle is without doubt the best option for a first timer. Improves the appearance of the feet and adds to the trendy footwear.

Dragon Temporary Tattoos

The Dragon is a mythical flying creature found in Chinese mythology that symbolizes the power and mystery. While choosing a temporary tattoo of a dragon, it is important to consider its size and placement. The Dragon temporary tattoo can be tattooed with colors such as yellow, blue, green or black gold. Large dragon temporary tattoos look fantastic on the back.  

The flower tattoo

One of the classic temporary tattoo designs is a flower ... it will never be out of fashion. You can choose your favorite flower or choose a flower for what it represents. For example, the rose is a symbol of passion, the Lotus is the acronym of nostalgia and the hibiscus is the beauty that is delicate, while lily is for purity and sweetness. A temporary tattoo flower is the symbol of femininity. 

The Butterfly Tattoo

The temporary tattoo most often chosen is the butterfly. The butterfly tattoo is a symbol of beauty, grace and new beginnings. A temporary tattoo of a butterfly with open wings symbolizing the adventurer in you. Some of the best places to get temporary tattoos of butterflies are the shoulder and back. 

Some other very popular and trendy temporary tattoo designs for women include tattoos star tattoos, tattoos Strawberry fairies, tattoos, hearts, tattoos, tattoos Dragonfly and Dolphin tattoos Zodiac.

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