The Most Popular Temporary Tattoo Designs for 2013
January 31, 2013

If you want to wear a temporary tattoo but aren't sure what design…consider the most popular tattoo designs.

Tribal temporary tattoos are by far the most common designs. There are many variations of tribal temporary tattoos, so consider what meets your personality. You can get tribal temporary tattoos based on ancient Polynesian art or more trendy fake tattoos with more modern graphic designs.

Stars and celestial designs are extremely popular designs for temporary tattoos. Many people wear their fake star tattoos on their inner wrists or on the skin between their thumb and forefinger.

Crosses are very popular designs for fake tattoos.  Many people choose crosses for their temporary tattoos and find that there are a vast number of designs available.

Angels and fairies come in forth as the popular temporary tattoo designs. People choose angel fake tattoos because of their ethereal beauty.

Wings have now risen in popularity for temporary tattoos. These designs look particularly good along the back of the neck or on the shoulder blades. Fake tattoo wings are at the top of being super cool temporary tattoos.

The dragon has become a very popular choice for temporary tattoos and is often worn on the arm or as temporary tattoo sleeves. These fake dragon tattoos look fabulous when wrapped around an  arm.

Butterfly temporary tattoos are still the  most popular with women. Butterflies fake tattoos can be small are gorgeous on skin in almost any area. It's a prime #1 choice for a temporary tattoo for women.

And recently, Gold temporary tattoos have emerged as the most popular temporary tattoos for women. Gold tattoos look just like

hand painted gold on the skin and are a wonderful accessory with any outfit. Gold tattoos look fabulous with a bikini at the

beach and equally fantastic for dress up occasions. For women looking for a fresh, new and exquisite new look…Gold tattoos

are the pick for 2013.


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