The “Baddest” New Fashion Accessory...Temporary tattoos!

Oct 1, 2010 

From the fashion streets of Paris to the cosmetic counters in the USA, forward thinking designers like Rodarte, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier

and Betsey Johnson have elevated ultra cool temporary tattoos to fashion's newest “It” accessory. 

This cool body art trend is going strong with the newest additions from Beyonce and Urban Decay cosmetics splashed across the fashion blogs worldwide.

Who knew that the stuff of street bikers and gangs would cross over to couture?

Temporary tattoos are now an expression of attitude and a cool fashion statement.  

Compared to other forms of body styling, such as piercing or permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos are a perfectly painless and

ultra trendy way of making an impression.          

So if you are eager for your first tattoo and are not too sure about a permanent one, then temporary tattoos are the ideal solution.

You don’t have to marry the tattoo and it asks for no commitment at all.  

In fact, temporary tattoos are much more preferable to permanent tattoos because temporary tattoos are toxic-free as there is no ink

penetrating your skin. Moreover, the ink used is subjected to FDA regulation in the USA.  

Temporary tattoos are extremely easy to use. They generally come in three easy to apply versions...stick on tattoos, rub on tattoos and paint on tattoos.

As none of these require anything more than application on the surface of the skin, both application and removal are perfectly pain free.  

The best thing about temporary tattoos is that they are temporary.

You will never be stuck with a dragon on your arm or a bee on your wrist for the rest of your life.

You can change designs with changing trends and preferences. If you are bored with it, you just take it off and you are ready for a new one.

As per the choices, there are as many as you would like when it comes to temporary tattoos.

Try the new ghetto inspired tattoos by Beyonce or the glitzy new designs from Betsey Johnson or the body jewelry from Chanel.

They are all gorgeous, sexy and will enhance any fashion statement. 

You can find all these fabulous tattoos at online stores now. Many major department stores will also have them in stock this November

in time for the holidays.

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