Temporary tattoos are a great trial before a permanent tattoo

September 9, 2011

Temporary tattoos can be a excellent way to start your journey with body modification. If you like the notion of finding a tattoo but you’re not fairly positive what style will work greatest or you are not yet ready to make the commitment to getting a real tattoo, then a removable temporary tattoo may possibly be the answer. 

Temporary tattoos can be a wonderful way to attempt out various designs prior to making a choice on which design to get permanently inked onto your skin. You could like to wear a number of distinct designs, each for many weeks. Get a feel for how nicely the design looks on your skin and suits your personality and feelings. For some designs you might find that you liked them initially but following a number of weeks of wear you decide the style is not for you. Thankfully, with temporary tattoos there is no long term commitment.  

How realistic can a fake temporary tattoo be produced to look? There are several different varieties of fake temporary tattoos. The kind you may be most familiar with are the water applied temporary tattoos. These temporary tattoos are generally used for promotional purposes and are typically given away as children’s favors. Nonetheless, these are for fun and not comparable to permanent tattoos. 

Far more realistic temporary tattoos are the henna tattoo. Henna temporary tattoos are applied via stencils onto the skin and can be used to make great temporary tattoo designs on the skin.  

Even far more realistic are the cosmetic type temporary tattoos. These can be created to look particularly realistic and indistinguishable from the actual thing. It is this type of temporary tattoos that are used by models and actors.

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