Temporary Tattoos 

October 14, 2012

Temporary tattoos have been around for a very long time. They were introduced in the early 70s and found in bubble gum or cracker jacks… poor quality blurry ink transfers. These early temporary tattoos were also easy to wash or rub off.

Many chewing gum brands started to sell these lick’n stick temporary tattoos and soon these fake tattoos were being worn by kids worldwide.

Modern temporary tattoos are made of a refined process of special inks and water based adhesive. These more modern temporary tattoos last much longer than the original lick”n stick temporary tattoos. The later version fake tattoo are easy to apply and last on the skin for 5 days or longer.

Temporary tattoos are pretty simple to apply…just follow these easy steps. Remove the plastic sheet.

  1. Place the temporary tattoos image face down on the skin.
  2. Saturate the back of the temporary tattoo with water
  3. Carefully remove the paper backing from the temporary tattoos…and you are finished!

Temporary tattoos have become so extremely popular that they are often used for promotional advertising. Thousands of companies have had custom temporary tattoos made to promote their brand or message.

Temporary tattoos are now sold everywhere…in vending machines, at check-out counters in mass retailers and convenience stores as well as department stores and boutiques. 


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