Temporary Tattoos to Promote Your Website

June 26, 2012

Temporary tattoos are excellent giveaways.

Many savvy people today know that you can use temporary tattoos to advertise effectively.

Check out the suppliers of temporary tattoos and compare their products. Then select a size and quantity and order your own customized temporary tattoos.  A terrific idea is to print your website’s address on your temporary tattoos so every time someone gets one…it’s advertising for you.

Your website’s address on your temporary tattoos is an effective way of marketing your firm. You can also make temporary tattoos of your logo or company message.

There are many approaches aside from temporary tattoos to promote your internet site. But temporary tattoos are exciting!

You can then use temporary tattoos as giveaways and as prizes for contests on your website. They are also terrific as giveaways if you are holding an event. Another idea is to get in touch with event organizers to be a sponsor. In return for the sponsorship, you can give out temporary tattoos with your website’s address on it. If the event has 1000 attendees…you have 1000 persons checking out your website after the occasion because it’s on your temporary tattoos.

So go ahead and pick a supplier for your temporary tattoos. Check out their prices and minimum quantities for their temporary tattoos. Your will be glad you did…temporary tattoos are one of the best advertising ideas to come along in a long time!


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