Temporary Tattoos to Complement Every Outfit

February 25, 2012

Looking fashionable and making everyone notice you is simple with temporary tattoos. Temporary tattoos are a fashionable choice for the contemporary young woman.

Temporary tattoos last on the skin for several days and are easily removed. There is nothing you need worry about as temporary tattoos are very safe even if you apply several new temporary tattoos every day.

Actually, one of the great things about temporary tattoos is they do not last too long. This means that you can change your fake tattoos daily and you can wear a different temporary tattoo for each outfit.

Of course you need to know how easy it is to remove temporary tattoos without harming your skin. The most common techniques to remove temporary tattoos are with the use of rubbing alcohol, baby oil or scotch tape.

Baby oil or rubbing alcohol can be applied to the temporary tattoo on the surface of the skin with a cotton ball. Rub the areas where you have the temporary tattoos and they will be removed easily. In only a few minutes the temporary tattoos will be completely gone. 

Using scotch tape to remove temporary tattoos is another method. It’s simple and easy compared with the other two techniques. Press the scotch tape on the temporary tattoos and then lift them. You may need to repeat the process if the whole temporary tattoos design is not removed from your skin immediately.

 Some temporary tattoos are even more temporary and can be removed from the skin with the use of water and soap.

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