Temporary Tattoos that Look Real

June 11, 2012

To produce temporary tattoos on the skin that look real and have extended life, follow these procedures.

1.    The first is shaving the area on your skin where you want the temporary tattoos applied.  Your temporary tattoos will look less realistic if they are applied on hairy arms or legs…shaved first is a definite plus.

2.    Use a small amount of alcohol and a cotton ball to clean the shaved area of your skin. After drying your skin from the alcohol completely, you can proceed with applying the temporary tattoos.  Remember that if the skin area is dirty, your temporary tattoos will not adhere as well and your fake tattoo will not look as realistic.

3.    Start placing the temporary tattoo face down on your skin. Then wet the back of the fake tattoo with water. Use enough water to thoroughly saturate the back of all the temporary tattoos you are applying so that they completely release from the paper backing onto your skin.

4.    Next, slowly peel off the backing on the temporary tattoos. Go slowly to avoid damaging your fake tattoos. 

5.    It’s a good idea to use a translucent powder to dust the area on your skin where you have applied your temporary tattoos.

These procedures have been thoroughly tested and are effective in creating temporary tattoos that look real…follow them carefully!

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