Temporary Tattoos offered as ad space on shoulder of elite runner

January 6, 2012 

How much is it worth to advertise with temporary tattoos on an elite American track and field athlete?

American Olympic athlete Nick Symmonds, who went to Willamette University and trains in Springfield, recently announced he aims to find out.

created an eBay marketplace auction for ad space on his muscular shoulder as a billboard to someone as anyone's Twitter handle…a great place for temporary tattoos

The online auction, which began Jan. 4, features a picture of the advertised real estate with a sample size of his own Twitter name, @nysmm800 as  a rub off temporary tattoo

Symmonds, who runs for Nike and 
Oregon Track Club Elite and other professional track and field athletes with are similarly facing restrictions against using their bodies as advertising with temporary tattoos.

recent article in The New York Times uses the examples of a marathon runner from Eugene who had to rub off his temporary tattoos before the New York City Marathon.


Symmonds called the IAAF rules against advertising with temporary tattoos "antiquated and crippling.

He said the for USA Track and Field.

The deadline for Symmonds' EBay auction is Jan. 14. The highest offer for this potential temporary tattoo spot was $1,586 on Thursday.

In addition to the 
London Summer Olympics, Symmonds is expected to race in high profile meets in Australia and at Hayward Field in Eugene, Ore. Will he make his shoulder available for advertising with temporary tattoos at these events?

The exposure is of the temporary tattoo on his shoulder is touted as likely to reach billions during the Olympics.

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