Temporary Tattoos make Great Party Favor Ideas

Dec 5, 2010 

Temporary Tattoos for kids & adults are becoming extremely popular as party favors.
Everyone seems to love receiving a temporary tattoo.
Some fake tattoos even look exactly like a real tattoo on the skin. 

Kid’s temporary tattoos: Try giving out temporary tattoos at your next kid’s birthday party or as a reward for good work or behavior at home or school.
Kids love receiving a personalized temporary tattoo with their school’s name… or their sport’s team.
A custom printed temporary tattoo is a fantastic party favor for and kid’s school parties also.
Wholesale temporary tattoos are available for sale in retail stores and online at very low prices. 

Temporary tattoos for adults:Try giving out temporary tattoos at your next party.Adults love receiving sexy and naughty tattoos and it heats up any party very quickly!
Try kiss me lip print tattoos or kiss me mistletoe temporary tattoos…everyone will have a blast! 

Custom printed temporary tattoos are a fantastic party favor for all kinds of parties…including Holidays, weddings and any occasion you can think of.

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