Temporary Tattoos for Back to School

August 31, 2012

It’s now officially back-to-school season and temporary tattoos are a few way to make this year’s back-to-school transition easy and fun.

Parents and teachers are looking for easy, affordable ways to motivate and reward students. This year, why not skip the sugary treats and try temporary tattoos.

Several manufacturers of temporary tattoos offer designs that are specifically designed for student rewards. Teachers can add temporary tattoos to their box of prizes at school and reward students. Lots of great designs for fake tattoos with great messages are available and ready to purchase online. Look for temporary tattoos with messages like “Rock Star Student,” “Great Job!” and “Out of this World!” Kids will love it and show off their temporary tattoos with pride.

As a teacher or parent, you can also stock up on temporary tattoos of Spiderman, Disney Cars, Minnie Mouse, or Scooby-Doo. Offer the temporary tattoos as incentives for everything from completing homework to good manners.

Creative teachers and parents can even design their own custom temporary tattoos to use as rewards. Here are a few Ideas that really get kids excited: “Riverside Elementary Super Speller!”, “Mrs. Smith’s Superstars”. Custom temporary tattoos are such an effective and affordable way to reward good behavior.


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