Temporary Tattoos are a Great Marketing Tool for 2011! 

JAN 12. 2011

Looking for a terrific new way to stretch your marketing dollars?
Try custom printed temporary tattoos with your logo, event or message. Everyone from kids to mature adults loves getting a free temporary tattoo and the variety of possible designs is endless!

The following list includes the top reasons to choose temporary tattoos for your next marketing campaign.

1. Temporary Tattoos for adults and kids are cost effective and are a great way to get your business name out into the world without putting a huge dent in your marketing dollars.

2. Any logo, graphic or even photo can be used to make a tattoo. Celebrities and political candidates have been known to create fake tattoos with their photo. An X-rated video company recently used a sexy photo of the film’s star as a free giveaway inside their DVD’s.

3. Temporary tattoos are lightweight and inexpensive to store or to mail making them perfect for magazine or direct mail campaigns. Movie studios have recently used free tattoo inserts in Seventeen, Maxim and Playboy magazine to advertise new films.

4. Fake tattoos are easily recognizable as a desired item by consumers of all ages. Most kids and teens have already tried temporary tattoos and know that they will love the ones you are giving away…so you do not need to spend a lot of time or money creating consumer awareness.

5. Temporary tattoos are quick and easy to apply. They are also long lasting making them ideal for trade show and event giveaways. Try setting up at your next event so that the temporary tattoos bearing your business logo or design can be applied quickly and easily right there. All the people will be walking around with your free advertising on their skin and will bring many more potential customers to you.

5. They are colorful and attention getting. In addition to being able to use any logo, graphic or photo for your tattoos, you can also choose any colors. All colors are available as well as white.

6. They are easy to order. Many online companies offer custom temporary tattoos at very low prices.

Some of them will even help you create the artwork if you do not already have your own.


We cannot think of a better low cost and fun product for any company’s advertising campaign.

Temporary tattoos are great as an in-pack or on-pack for food companies, terrific giveaway for radio stations…just use a little imagination to create a super campaign for your product.


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