Temporary Tattoos Designed for a Project to Benefit Homeless, Abused Children in Kenya

December 11, 2011

Get Inked (temporarily) and help disadvantaged children in Africa.

The Temporary Tattoo Project is a creative endeavor to raise money for Kenya’s 2 million homeless, orphaned, and abused children, 60,000 of whom live on the streets.

The project was founded by Lauren Sauma and Robyn Fukumoto.  The enlisted six tattoo artists to create limited-edition works Temporary Tattoos in support of Flying Kites, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit that provides healthcare, quality education, and empowerment to children. Each artist was paired with a Flying Kites participant who served as the inspiration for the custom designed Temporary Tattoos.

All proceeds from the Temporary Tattoos will go towards Flying Kite’s sponsorship program and leadership academy.

The Temporary Tattoos are available as singles or in packs of 6. These are high quality Temporary Tattoos that are easy to apply and will last for 3-5 days. The Temporary Tattoos can be easily removed with baby oil or household rubbing alcohol.

So if you want to support this wonderful project…don’t delay…order your temporary tattoos now!

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