Temporary Tattoos Are A Wonderful Promotional Tool For Political Campaigns

March 1, 2012

Temporary tattoos are a wonderful promotional tool for political campaigns and civic groups. This year many campaigns are using temporary tattoos to thank supporters in a fun, safe and affordable way.

Politicians are looking for ways to build buzz, spread support for candidates, and get out the vote in advance of fall elections. Custom temporary tattoos are a great addition to traditional campaign buttons and stickers. Temporary tattoos can be custom printed with any logo, slogan, or image…and they last on the skin for three to five days…making a lasting impression!

Whether it’s a local, state, or national campaign, temporary tattoos are an affordable tool. By giving out temporary tattoos, political campaigns can create a great deal of excitement at events like rallies, debates, and town halls. Giving out temporary tattoos to all supporters who attend is a sure fire way to generate a buzz.  A great idea is to create a tattoo station with small water bottles or sponges to encourage supporters to apply the tattoos and show support for the candidate at the event.

Temporary tattoos are also the perfect giveaway to send in thank you letters to political donors. Temporary tattoos are lightweight and small so that they will fit in mailing envelopes… what a fun and thoughtful surprise. At polling stations, temporary tattoos can be a hand out that says “I Voted” as an alternative to the standard stickers.


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