December 17, 2011

Have you always wanted a tattoo but found you were unable to do it for some reason?
It could be that temporary tattoos that look very realistic are perfect for you.

Temporary tattoos have caught on in a huge way and are a wonderful alternative to getting a real tattoo. Having permanent ink in the skin for the rest of his life is a major commitment. It is highly likely that in a few years you’ll be wondering why you got a tattoo in the first place.

If you are sure you want a real tattoo, then wearing temporary tattoos will give you an idea of what your real tattoo will actually look like. High quality temporary tattoos have the advantage of looking exactly like the real thing but without the permanence. These temporary tattoos will last on the skin for 3-5 days and give you an excellent idea of what type of look you like before making a commitment to get the tattoo permanently.

Temporary Tattoo Art is abundantly available. Depending on the type of temporary tattoo designs you want, you can choose from hundreds of fabulous designs available.

Here are some commonly used methods for creating  temporary tattoos.

Henna Tattoos
The most common method for obtaining temporary tattoos. This is the natural paste that comes  from the Henna leaf. Henna temporary tattoos made from henna paste and usually last on the skin for about ten days at a time and have a reddish brown color.

Stick-on Temporary Tattoos
These temporary tattoos are more suitable for children. It is often obvious that these temporary tattoos are fake tattoos. These temporary tattoos are available on a sheet and are applied by soaking the sheet with water to release the temporary tattoo onto the skin.

Airbrush Temporary Tattoos
This is a fast and easy way to get temporary tattoos that look real. All you need is a temporary tattoo stencil and an airbrush gun. Place the stencil on the skin and spray the temporary tattoo ink from your airbrush.

All three methods for getting temporary tattoos mentioned above will give you excellent results.

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