QR Code Temporary Tattoos

November 16, 2011

Are you looking for of a new way to promote your business?
QR Code Temporary Tattoos are an absolutely fantastic solution!

Everyone seems to now have a smart phone. That’s why QR codes have become so amazingly popular so quickly…
because they can be scanned with any smart phone using a fee app.
So, why not take it one step further and get your own QR code made  into a temporary tattoo?
It’s a great way to blend technology and fun and promotion.

QR Code temporary tattoos usually last 5-7 day. What is terrific way to get free advertisement with children and adults wearing temporary tattoos that will bring people to you website, video, etc?
When scanned, the QR code temporary tattoos will bring up the website, video or other information that it has been programmed for.

Are you thinking that this is a brilliant idea?  You are right…it is!

How do you get your very own QR Code temporary tattoos to pass out? You can order custom temporary tattoos from several reliable temporary tattoo manufacturers. It only takes a week to produce your custom QR Code temporary tattoos.  So order today so you can start putting your QR code temporary tattoos on everyone you know!

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