Popular Guardian Angel Temporary Tattoos

October 15, 2011

Human beings have believed in the divine presence of angels since before antiquity. For those who haven’t seen one, but believe in their existence, a simple gesture of faith can be to get a temporary tattoo of an Angel. This article will discuss some ideas suitable for temporary tattoos of Angels.

Brothers in arms
There have been many cases of soldiers having experienced the divine embrace of angels during war. There are also some exceptionally detailed temporary tattoos of guardian angel for guys and girls who want to support the cause of these brave men.

The solitary Angel
Another great design for temporary tattoos is a male Angel spreading his hands with its wings open. This temporary tattoo is usually placed just below the neck on the back or chest.

The Victory Angel
This temporary tattoo is among the most popular and depicts an Angel standing victorious with his sword extended toward the fallen soul. This temporary tattoo means victory against evil.

Children of heaven
Some rare Angel temporary tattoos depict an female Angel taking care of children who are clinging to her robes while she guides for safety.

Wings on my hands
Another great temporary tattoo for men is of of wings which seem to be a pair of Angel’s wings when both forearms are gathered. There are many people who love temporary tattoos of the crucifix with Angel Wings extending from their sides.

There are several more guardian angel temporary tattoos for men that are extremely popular. Some are very simple with a simple cross added to Angel’s wings and the dates that represent the birth and death of someone special in their lives.  There are also many temporary tattoos made with depth and intricate detailing. These temporary tattoos are usually quite. Whatever may be the case, guardian angel temporary tattoos are much in demand.

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