People with Tattoos Say They Feel Sexier

Apr 10, 2011

Tattoos are a much discussed form of body art. Who has them? How many tattoos do they have and what do they mean? Why does having a permanent tattoo or temporary tattoo make people feel differently?

Here is a fascinating list of tattoo facts that will surprise you!

Currently, fourteen percent of the entire North American population says they have a tattoo. More than 40% have tried a temporary tattoo.

Tattoos by geographical area:
Certain groups are more likely to have a tattoo then others. Twenty Percent of those who live in the West have a tattoo, compared to just 10 percent of those who live in the Midwest.
The number of people who have used temporary tattoos is highest in the eastern coast states.

Tattoos among age groups:
Thirty two percent of those ages 25-29 have a tattoo.
Twenty five percent of those 30-39 have tattoos.
Twelve percent of those 40-49 have tattoos
The youngest age group, 18-24, is one of the age groups least likely to have a tattoo…just nine percent.
The same numbers holds for the oldest age group of 65 and older…just nine percent.
The age group most likely to have tried temporary tattoos is 12-24.


Tattoos among gender and political groups:
Men are just slightly more likely to have a tattoo than women (15% versus 13%).
 Democrats are a little more likely to have tattoos (15%) than Republicans and Independents (13% each).
These are some of the results from a nationwide Harris Poll of 2,302 U.S. adults surveyed online between January 15 and 22, 2008 by Harris Interactive. ®
All political groups surveyed said they have used custom printed temporary tattoos as a campaign tool.

There are not many regrets:
Eighty four percent of people with a tattoo do not regret getting it.
Of those who do have regrets, twenty percent say it
s because they were too young. Nineteen percent say its because it is permanent and they are marked for life. Eighteen percent say they regret the tattoo because they no longer like it while 16 percent regret their tattoo because it has faded over time and needs ongoing touch ups.
Among the those with the most regrets…over 50% said they wished they had experimented more with temporary or fake tattoos first.

How tattoos made people feel:
The majority of people say that having a tattoo makes them feel no different. However, thirty six percent of those with a tattoo say having it makes them feel more rebellious. Thirty one percent say the tattoo makes them feel sexy. Nineteen percent say having the tattoo makes them  feel more attractive.
All groups said they thought temporary tattoos from several US companies looked exactly like real tattoos on the skin.

What people without tattoos think:
One-third of those without a tattoo say people with tattoos are more likely to do something considered deviant .Two-thirds of those without a tattoo say having a tattoo makes no difference in whether someone would do something deviant. More than half of those without a tattoo do believe that someone with one is more rebellious.
More than 50% of those without a permanent tattoo said the would like to try temporary tattoos.

While those with a tattoo may think it makes them look attractive, those without do not agree. Just under half say people with tattoos are less attractive and two in five of those without one, say people with a tattoo are less sexy. These same people said that they did not care for the look of temporary tattoos either.

About body piercings:
Half of all adults have pierced ears while half do not have them. When it comes to other types of piercings, the number drops drastically. Just five percent of adults have a piercing on their body while two percent of adults have a piercing on their face. The number of adults who have a henna tattoo, that is tattoos that are not permanent, is also very small, just two percent.

What does all this mean?
In the past five years, much has been discussed about the stigmas of those with tattoos. However this does not appear to be having much of an impact on the current population as the popularity of tattoos is growing steadily every year.
In addition to the growing trend of permanent tattoos…the temporary tattoo trend continues strong growth. Most people think fake tattoos look more realistic than ever.


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