Medical ID Company Offers Free Medical Temporary Tattoos With Purchase

March 22, 2012

Temporary tattoos aren't just for making fashion statements anymore. Now, many Americans are using temporary tattoos to save their lives.

Medical temporary tattoos have recently gained popularity as an alternative to medical ID bracelets. Getting a tattoo, any tattoo, is a commitment and some people are still hesitant to make the jump from fashionable bracelet to permanent branding…so medical temporary tattoos are the answer.

"Any choice that keeps people safe is the right choice," said Shelly Fisher, president and CEO of Hope Paige, a company that makes medical ID bracelets. "The problem is that most people don't want to wear IDs because they don't want to feel branded and medical tattoos do just that."

Instead, the company called Hope Paige will be giving away medical temporary tattoos that say “IN CASE OF EMERGENCY” with each bracelet order. People could also wear these medical temporary tattoos when they're doing an activity, such as any sport, where wearing jewelry just isn't realistic.

Fisher doesn't see temporary tattoos completely replacing medical ID bracelets.

Regardless of your choice, whether it a medical wrist bracelet or a medical temporary tattoo, placement is critical. First responders are trained to look on the wrist for a medical bracelet or on the neck for a medical alert necklace. If you're wearing a medical temporary tattoo, it needs to be in one of those places.  

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