Looking to Spice Up Your Sex Life?

Oct 26, 2010 

Look no further than getting sexy temporary tattoos for adults. Adult Sexy Temporary Tattoo’s are a great way to let out your inhibitions and just go crazy.

The temporary tattoo market used to be just for kids. Thankfully, the market has expanded its repertoire to include adult temporary tattoo designs.

Now you can Be Sexy, Be Naughty, Be Trashy, Be Bitchy…just for the night…because it’s temporary.

There are now a large number of temporary tattoos with designs for adults with naughty words and graphics like a lip print with the words “Kiss here” underneath…or to take it a bit further…a sexy black cat with the words “pet me”. You can even find temporary tattoos with alphabet letters so that you can make you own tattoo words.  Just use your imagination…everything from cute to sexy to downright pornographic can be found as a temporary tattoo.

Here’s a few of the sexy temporary tattoos we have recently come across for women: Sex Goddess, Lover girl, Porn Star, Trampy Girl, Trashy Babe, Love Slave, Sex Star, Sex Toy, Temptress …and for the Guys…we’ve seen Stud and Lucky at Love.

Nothing gets a party going faster than giving out Naughty Party Temporary Tattoos to the guests as they arrive. Can you just picture a group of people at a party wearing “Kiss Me” or “Touch me here”… needless to say…a good time was had by all!

Then for those who choose to be very unique…several tattoo companies will even produce your own custom temporary tattoo design…just for you and your lover. We’ve seen everything from “Property of Ted” to “Steve’s Nasty Girl”! They will even create the artwork for you if you do not have your own.

Personal customized temporary tattoos are becoming very popular as party favors at private parties…such as Bachelorette Parties or Wedding. We have seen “Amy & Phil Forever” in a heart with their wedding date below. All the guests at their wedding wore these temporary tattoos and had blast!

It just shows that adults are becoming open-minded in terms of using these sexy temporary tattoos and that there is always something new out there to add to one’s personal fun experience!

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