Long Lasting Designer Brand Temporary Tattoos

July 28, 2012

In the past, temporary tattoos were only thought of as accessories for kids.  Most people thought that they were something to be used for fun and distributed during birthday parties. Today, you will find that this is no longer the case for the updated version of fashionable temporary tattoos..

Temporary tattoos have come a long way. Fashionable people use them as promotional items, symbols for school spirit, fashion accessories. Teens and kids love temporary tattoos because they simply want to display something “cool “on their bodies. In today’s world, you will find temporary tattoos to be extremely versatile available in many different styles for all ages.

Today’s fake tattoos are unlike the older versions.  They are now of much better quality. They apply easily and look real on the skin.
Long lasting temporary tattoos will stay on the skin for up to 5 days.  They are very different from the temporary tattoos that were given as prizes
in cracker jacks.

Today’s temporary tattoos last much longer than the old fashion version of fake tattoos.  The modern version temporary tattoos are even waterproof and will not come off while swimming or bathing.

Gold temporary tattoos are now in 24 karat gold.  There are even platinum temporary tattoos hand painted on women in high end beauty salons.

Some designer brands of temporary tattoos such as Chanel, Gaultier, Rodarte, Ed Hardy and Betsy Johnson have been launched in the market recently. These fashionable temporary tattoos are being purchased by fashionable and discriminating people. These exclusive and expensive tats have been shown on the pages of elite fashion magazines and on the runways at designer fashion shows and have been worn by some of the world’s most fashionable people. 

Long lasting temporary tattoos are not just decorations for your skin… they are exquisite fashion accessories.

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