Learn How to Express your Naughty Side with Sexy Temporary Tattoos

JAN 16, 2011

If you are looking for a new & fun way to spice up your sex life, you definitely need to try sexy temporary tattoos.  When couples find that the flame is no longer very hot. If you're one of them out there looking for ways to add fuel to the flame…this fabulous little item is a sure thing.

The most worn out sex tips often feature the usual stuff that couples have been following for decades. It’s more fun to try something “up to date” like using sexual temporary tattoos to play out your romantic fantasies..

These tattoo "toys" that have been so popular with kids in the past can now be used as “sex toys” to encourage intimacy between adults wanting to add something new. You can use sexy temporary tattoos with naughty words to add some new life & passion to your romantic times with your lover.

Quite a few online web stores sell naughty word tattoos. They are also available at lingerie boutiques and adult novelty stores.

Here are some of the sexy tattoos that we have tried…and  the result was a really fabulous…lots of giggles and then lots of sizzle! Most of the tattoos listed below were incorporated into a graphic such as a heart or star, etc.

1. Lip print with “Kiss Here”
2. Naughty Girl
3. Sexy Bitch
4. Porn Star
5. Touch me here
6. Sex Kitten
7. Lovergirl
8. Loverboy
9. Trashy
10. Temptress

The list can go on and on. You can think of dozens of sexy phrases that can be made into sexual temporary tattoos. Just picture yourself and your lover naked…and the ideas will start flowing.

You can make your own sexy tattoos instead of buying them online. Craft stores sell temporary tattoo kits that print the tattoos on inkjet or laser printers. You can design your own tattoo on your computer in any graphic program and then send it to your printer…super fast and easy!

The best thing about sexy temporary tattoos is that you can easily customize them to fit your personality or the type of relationship you have with your lover. Many people like to play fantasy bedroom games. Using sexy temporary tattoos you can become a “Porn Star”, “Fetish Madam” or innocent “Virgin”. Just use your imagination and let the fun begin. Partners can apply the sexual temporary tattoos on each other's naked bodies…or you can apply it to your own and surprise your lover.

Several tattoo manufacturers offer amazing tattoo designs that look so real on the skin that you may even find your lover or spouse believing you got a real tattoo!


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