Learn How Professional Party Planners Use Temporary Tattoos to Spice UP Events!

Apr 24, 2011

Customized temporary tattoos are one of those terrific promotional products that are becoming so popular that they seem to be turning up everywhere you look. That’s because party planners have learned that fake tattoos are a sure hit at almost any event!

Here are some great party and event ideas where you can use temporary tattoos to increase your brand visibility and make sure that it sticks in everyone’s memory.

Trade Shows:

How do you get people to remember your product at a trade show where you are competing for

visibility with many other products and services? Here's how...have a very cool temporary tattoo designed with your product’s logo and have someone in your tradeshow booth applying the fake tattoos to visitors. Most fake tattoos apply in just a few seconds with water…so it’s fast and easy.

The great thing is that these temporary tattoos will last for 3-5 days…so every time the person wearing it looks at it, they will be reminded of your product.

What a fabulous way to keep getting attention long after the tradeshow is over. 

Corporate Parties:

All of us generally needs to have an escape from the stress of corporate work so plenty of companies host corporate parties for their hard working employees.

This is commonly a time for the staff to relax so as an event planner you will want to make sure that the event has lots of fun food, beverages and activities involved. One of the best techniques to make parties with this purpose hip and fun is to give out promotional temporary tattoos.

The customized fake tattoos can be used as “entrance stamps” to show that the person is invited. It can be even be more fun if the personalized temporary tattoos are glow in the dark…but of course, this can only be used after 6 pm. 

Anniversary Parties and weddings:

It is really fun to think of terrific promotional items to use during anniversaries. This is for the obvious reason that the merchandise will usually be symbols of the moment being cherished. Since the moment is very special, you will want a special personalized item that will capture the uniqueness of the memory. One of the best personalized items that can best capture this idea is promotional temporary tattoos.

The artwork can include the couple’s names and the special date…everyone always loves this and it’s so much fun to see how excited people get when applying their fake tattoo! 

Children’s Parties:

Children of all ages just love kid’s temporary tattoos! They can be used party favors or sent before the party for everyone to wear at the event.

If it’s a costume party, the kid’s tattoos will be sure to make it more fun. It’s great fun to put them inside the party loot bags a lot of people hand out during parties. Many party planners even design the custom  tattoos like the face of the birthday celebrant or his or her favorite cartoon character. This is always a tremendous hit at Bar Mitzvah and Sweet Sixteen celebrations!

Any Party or event:

If you think about it, promotional temporary tattoos are absolutely marvelous for any kind of event. You just have to think of an innovative way to use them. After the first time you try this...everyone will think you are so extremely clever.


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