How to Heat Up Any Party with Naughty Temporary Tattoos

Oct 7, 2010 

A “Sexy Party” is any party where anything can happen and usually does and no one regrets it in the morning. Some parties that wind up as a sexy party did not start out that way… but things happen…and guess what…you are having a sexy party. A sexy party is something that has the proper mood to it and where everyone invited has an open mind for all possibilities. Are you open to a sexy party?

So if you said “Yes” and you are looking for a fun theme for a sexy party, a “Naughty Temporary Tattoo Party” might be just the thing to get your guests in the right mood.

Want to know how to get a sexy party heated up fast? Have a large bowl ready on a table with water and cotton balls. When each guest arrives, invite them to pick out and apply several sexy temporary tattoos to themselves and their friends, date, someone they would like to get to know, etc.

Before the party, you will have a blast purchasing the sexy temporary tattoos with saying and picturing your guests reaction at the party!
Temporary tattoos are available that say things like: Porn Star, Sex Goddess, Sexy Babe, Tramp, Kiss me here, Mr. Lucky, Loverboy, Stud…the possibilities are endless.

This temporary tattoo activity is guaranteed to have your guests laughing, flirting and into a “wild party mood” within minutes.

Theme parties are great for the temporary tattoo activity and are a blast because the entertainment is all in the theme! Think Discos, Fiestas, Casino Nights, Pirates, Gangsters, Hollywood and Murder Mystery Parties. Adult party theme ideas can make everyone feel young & sexy at heart as they sport a fun costume & a sexy temporary tattoo and enjoy a unique party atmosphere.

One of the fastest growing kinds of theme parties is the Playboy Party. This kind of party seeks to emulate the famous Playboy parties thrown at the world famous Playboy mansion. These sexy parties are undeniably on the rise and focus on a hedonistic good time to be had by all.

Where to find sexy & naughty temporary tattoos? Several online web stores offer excellent selections at a very low cost. You may also find these tattoos at adult novelty stores, lingerie shops, party stores and risqué themed stores such as Spencer gifts.

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