How to Get Stylish with Temporary Tattoos

October 2, 2011

Want to get stylish? Then you must try the newest trend for hipsters who are not ready to get inked…temporary tattoos!

It used to be that temporary tattoos were just for kids who wanted to pretend like they had tattoos. However, adults are now becoming fans of pretending they have real life temporary tattoos. They just don't want to wake up to the same tattoo every single day of their lives forever.
There are now available realistic temporary tattoos that everyone will think are real. Check out a few of these temporary tattoo products listed below.

Chanel Temporary Tattoos

Yes, the famous high-fashion Chanel brand has made a line of temporary tattoos. These temporary tattoos are attractive designs … most with the Chanel logo.

Top Shop  makes a book of temporary tattoos that will hold up well for one night and day. They have the same stylish yet simple look as the Chanel temporary tattoos, These temporary tattoos are pretty inexpensive, compared to Chanel and they do not last very long.

Tempu Tattoo Kit

This twenty-five dollar temporary tattoo kit has more intricate designs and images than other brands. They are also more complex to apply. Once they are on they look very real for fake tattoos. They are water resistant so you can wear them when you are going swimming and not run the risk of half your temporary tattoo being off when you climb out of the water.

Black Jagua Body Paint Kit

This henna temporary tattoo body paint kit is not much more expensive than the other temporary tattoos mentioned but it will need someone who really knows what they are doing to be able to apply it. Henna tattoos are still the most long lasting temporary tattoos on the market.

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