Henna Temporary Tattoos

October 9, 2011

There are an unlimited number of tattoo designs that people can choose from when making the decision to get inked. Some individuals make the choice of having a permanent tattoo, while others decide that it would be better to get a temporary tattoo.

Temporary tattoos have numerous advantages compared with the permanent ones. Temporary tattoos are for both adults and children and will not affect skin in any way. Temporary tattoos usually last for a few days and are very easy to remove. A temporary tattoo is waterproof, so it will not come off while bathing or swimming but can be removed with household rubbing alcohol.

Temporary tattoos are considered to be extremely trendy. Some of the most impressive temporary tattoos are Henna tattoos. Henna temporary tattoos look amazing. Henna temporary tattoos have their origin in India. Mehndi is the word which describes the application of henna on the skin, as a form of traditional decoration in India. The use of Henna temporary tattoos is a must, as part of the Indian tradition, at numerous events such as weddings and festivals. Henna temporary tattoos have become very popular in the Western world.

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