Heart Temporary Tattoos for Women

September 19, 2011

Heart temporary tattoos are in fashion. Heart temporary tattoos are  considered to be a symbol of the soul as well as love. Some religions believe that the heart is the spiritual heart of every human being. But today people get heart temporary tattoos done  to symbolize their love, the love of his beloved mother or father, or for, or even for themselves! Heart temporary tattoos are one of the most sought after female temporary  tattoo designs.

Heart Tattoo Designs
Usually there is a distinct difference in temporary tattoos selected by for men and women. But heart temporary tattoo designs can be perfect for  by both women and men. There are many different  heart temporary tattoo designs such as the hearts with Cupid, heart designs with two love birds, or lady bug in heart tattoo.

Here are some different types of Heart temporary tattoos for women:

Celtic Heart Temporary Tattoos

Tribal Heart temporary Tattoos. Women who prefer to have delicate  temporary tattoos prefer to wear tribal heart temporary tattoos on the ankles, but they can be made at any location.

Heart with Wings Tattoos
Heart with wings temporary tattoos look simply great! You can fill in colors such as blue wings, which will give them a realistic look. Temporary tattoos of wings have a double meaning. The wings symbolize the freedom and the heart symbolizes love.

Heart Lower Back Temporary Tattoos
Heart, lower back temporary tattoos can be done in many designs. You can choose the winged heart tattoos or tribal tattoos, or maybe just a simple heart designs! Heart lower back temporary tattoos are worn more by women, as they have a better chance of flaunting their temporary tattoos than men!

Whatever heart temporary tattoos you choose, you will be sure to love it!

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