July 19, 2011

Most parents shudder at the thought that their kids will come home with area tattoo. But now they do not have to worry because there has been a increasing amount of kids coming home with temporary tattoos.

 Kids are getting them from the newest form of promotion being used today….custom logo Temporary tattoos. This inexpensive way to promote one’s brand all across the world is taking off like crazy. Let’s face it… tattoos attract a considerable amount of attention when they are sworn on skin.

They are great to use as temporary tattoos for promotions:

One of the best reasons to use temporary tattoos for advertising is their ability to be a walking promotion, unlike a magazine ad  or billboard which remains stationary. Usually people receive promotional tattoos at public events where they wear them during the event. What a great way to market a brand to the masses. The more people wear them the more people will see and hear about your brand!

Tattoos definitely look cool…but most people do not want a particular image on their skin forever. Therefore temporary tattoos are the perfect compromise. You will not only be able to make a unique fashion statement  but you will also be able to change the image on your skin over and over again.. The body is meant to be a work of art and there is no limit to the temporary tattoo art that you can find.

Temporary Tattoos are perfect for fundraising at a private event. You could sell temporary tattoos, allowing people to proclaim their dedication to your cause.  This can be a wise choice since tattoos are low cost but appeal to people of all ages so large numbers of people will find a reason to purchase and the point is to raise as much money from as many donors as possible.

There is no better way to make a child’s party or event more memorable than with custom made temporary tattoos. You could also commemorate the special occasion by making an image of the child’s favorite cartoon or saying…like “Hey Dude”. Whether it is a birthday, school graduation, Bar Mitzvah, Sweet Sixteen or just a special occasion… temporary kids tattoos are always an amazing idea.

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