Gold Tattoos are Temporary Tattoos Newest Trend

March 31, 2012

The popularity that temporary tattoos have reached is phenomenal. More and more people are using temporary tattoos when they want to be noticed and or when they want a new and unique change in their looks. Of course, since more individuals are willing to get inked for real, more temporary tattoos can be found so that the non-inked can also have that inked look.

One of the latest trends when it comes to temporary tattoos is Gold Temporary Tattoos. The first temporary tattoos made with gold were created in the Dubai and Japan.

The Gold temporary tattoos that originated from Japan are 99 percent pure gold. Similar temporary tattoos can also be made of platinum and look like silver. Recently, a company in the US has developed a method of making Gold temporary tattoos that look exactly like real gold but are a simulation of the real thing…at a much lower cost. These temporary tattoos are gorgeous and also very easy to apply on the skin. The application process takes about 10 seconds and since we are talking about temporary tattoos, they can be easily and quickly removed.

Of course the cost for temporary tattoos made with real gold are going to be higher than the ones of simulated gold, but most people will not be able to tell the difference. A gold temporary tattoo will usually last about one week on the skin until being removed.

These Gold temporary tattoos are now considered to be a more fashionable version of Henna temporary tattoos. These new Gold temporary tattoos are quite a revolution in body art and they make accessorizing whole look.


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