Fundraising with Temporary Tattoos for Animals

September 22, 2012

All the people that work at Temporary Tattoo Factory are great animal lovers.
For reasons that we are trying to understand, animal lovers seem to all love temporary Tattoos.

Perhaps it’s because fake tattoos are a great fundraiser and animal lovers are definitely into fundraising.

Every year we hear about animal rescue groups and shelters holding events to promote every kind of pet you can think of. Here are
some of the ways animal supporters use their custom designed temporary tattoos.

1. Fundraising events

Temporary tattoos are a no-brainer easy fundraiser because they are affordable, fun, and they bring people together to show off their new fake tattoo body art. Who wouldn’t want to be part of the club and wear temporary tattoos at a big event? Charge $1 for each sale of temporary tattoos watch the profits add up.

2. Stores at animal shelters

A lot of animal shelters are looking for new and interesting products to fill the shelves in their stores. Temporary tattoos do not take up much space and they are easy to store…making them a fun and saleable product for both kids and adults. New pet owners are always looking for ways to show off their new status as a “pet parent” and temporary tattoos will definitely do the trick. Consider doing up your own artwork using unique tattoo designs Chihuahuas offer love” or “Cat Lady.” Get your creative juices flowing yet and design some adorable temporary tattoos!?

3. Spreading the Love

Pet people are often focused on spreading awareness for homeless pets. Custom Temporary tattoos are a great way for new supporters to help spread the word. Using special artwork you can find online to design temporary tattoos to give out when talking to people about helping animals is such a great idea!


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