Fabulous Ideas to Spice up your Next Party with Temporary Tattoos and other novelties

Apr 2, 2011

After surviving those long, stressful winter months, it’s time to take a deep, refreshing breath of delicious spring air and

think about fresh starts. With the arrival of new warm weather many are craving a great party to celebrate the arrival of warm, welcome nights.  

For those considering hosting such an event, here are some fabulous party ideas.

Warning: a few of these ideas are a bit kinky…but it’s all in the spirit of good fun…especially the fake tattoos!

Foam Party…great for all age groups

Throwing a foam party will make for an unforgettable night. It’s guaranteed to never be forgotten by those involved.

The idea is for everyone to cover themselves and play in the foam. Believe it or not…adults love this as much as kids! The supplies needed to create the foam are all common household items: several buckets, spare trashcan, kiddie pool, hot water hose and tons of dishwasher soap. The first step is finding a suitable area…a backyard or patio are the best choices. Cover trees, patio furniture, etc. before creating the foam. Your guests may be informed beforehand to bring a swimsuit. Now let your imagination just go for it!

As long as you have all that water…try adding temporary tattoos for kids…or temporary tattoos for adults…for some added fun!

Black Light Parties

Cover the walls with trash bags and then add hundreds of glow-in-the-dark stickers. Not only does this look incredibly cool but it will totally “wow” your guests! Try hanging from the ceiling as many old CDs as you can find… this effect looks great with an array of different party lights.

To add some extra spirit to the typical black light party…find a bubble machine and load up a few squirt guns.

Another cheap way to use of black lights for fun is to use neon pong balls. You can also accessorize with some 3D shades, funky hair dye and tons of glow sticks. Another great idea is to give everyone some Glow in the Dark temporary tattoo to wear.

Temporary Tattoos

Put out large bowls of water, temporary tattoos and cotton balls.

You can create all kinds of themes with the choice of tattoo designs.

For grown up singles parties try sexy tattoos that say “Kiss me here” and don’t forget the lip prints…everyone loves these!

There are a zillion fabulous themes for kid’s tattoo parties. A few of the best are: rocker tats, biker, glitter for girls and fireman,

policeman, etc. for those little guys. 

Unique "Get to know you" Parties

If you have been to a few toga parties and are looking for a little more adventurous way to meet others…try this.

It’s a great way to meet others without having to ask that awkward question, “So are you…?”

Party goers dress in colors according to their relationship status: green for singles, red for those not looking for love and yellow for the, well, more ‘open-minded’ individuals. This idea works every time to make sure that all who attend have a blast! You can also order custom temporary tattoos or make you own on an inkjet printer.

The fake tattoos can say things like: I’m single or looking for love.

A few other party ideas that might spark interest:

• ABC: Anything But Regular Clothes:

The more creative guests get with their outfits, the better the memories.

This is often done as a costume party for Halloween…but is even more fun when it done just because it’s fun….and people will show up with the most amazing temporary tattoos.

• Alphabet:

The host picks a letter for each guest in advance and the guests dress as anything beginning with that letter. Some guests will get really outrageous and it’s always a total blast of an event! You can make temporary tattoos before the party with the assigned letter…fake tattoos are always a great way to add some extra fun.

• Scavenger Beer Hunt:

The host hides cans of beer throughout the house and the guests must find them. Hiding other drinks, food and other silly objects is a sure way to add a funny twist to the hunt. Hiding the temporary tattoos is always a lot of added fun.

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