Everything You Should Know About Caring for Your Brand New Tattoo

Tattoo aftercare is very important if you want your new tattoo to heal correctly and look gorgeous.

Most people believe that once the needlework is done, their tattoo is a lock, but that is far from reality.

The facts are that unless you properly care for your new tattoo, it could easily fade, lose color, flake, scar or you could wind up with an infected mess on your body.  

It’s important to follow these directions precisely. Here’s what you need to know:

Tattoo aftercare do’s

* Do use an approved aftercare moisturizer or healing cream with vitamin E

* Do leave your initial bandage over the tattoo for at least four to six hours, but no more than 12 hours

* Do keep your tattoo out of direct contact with water 

Tattoo aftercare don’ts

* Don’t expose your tattoo to sunlight until it is fully healed

* Don’t submerse your tattoo in water, especially avoid chlorinated water

* Don’t let your tattoo dry out

* Don’t over moisturize your tattoo

* Don’t pick your tattoo scabs

* Don’t cover your tattoo with a bandage

* Don’t allow anything to rub against your tattoo

Tattoo aftercare procedure 

1. Four to six hours after you leave the tattoo shop, wash your hands thoroughly with an antibacterial soap.

You want to ensure that your hands are free from dirt, germs, or anything infectious.

2. Carefully remove the bandage that was placed over your tattoo. With a mild antibacterial soap,

gently wash the tattooed area, removing any of the greasy covering, ink residue, blood, etc.

Be very gentle with your skin. Pat your skin dry…do not rub dry.

3. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer, healing ointment or vitamin E oil. Use a brand recommended at the parlor.

There are also tattoo-specific products that are designed exclusively for

aftercare which include Tattoo Goo, H2Ocean Aftercare, and Black Cat Tattoo Cream.

4. Three to four times per day, apply a thin film of anti-bacterial healing ointment or vitamin E oil to your tattoo.

You want to use enough to moisten the tattooed area, but not so much as to leave streaks or allow it to build up.

Your goal is to moisturize the area only.

Remember that the problem with over moisturizing is fading inks.

5. Cover the tattooed area with loose fitting clothing.

While there might seem to be quite a few steps to follow, they are quite simple.

The bottom line is that you need to allow the body to heal itself as naturally as possible.

Don’t try to rush the healing … just help it. If you stay diligent with your care for several weeks,

you will have a gorgeous tattoo that will look perfect for years.

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