Easy to make homemade Temporary Tattoos

Aug 6, 2010  

Kids of all ages love wearing temporary tattoos…sometimes referred to as fake tattoos. Toddlers love them on their faces and all over their arms & legs. Pre-teens think they are totally awesome. Teens and young adults use them to create a fashion statement and think they are sexy. 

Now you can save money and give your kids and teens a terrific variety to choose from by making your own tattoos at home. Temporary tattoo paper is available at the craft store or at several online stores allowing you to print the temporary tattoos at home. The tattoo paper comes with adhesive pages that you attach to the printed tattoo paper. The adhesive, which is similar to the kind that comes in an adhesive bandage and it is the only thing that touches the skin. The ink never touches the skin, so it's safe. 

Things you’ll need:

·                       Ink Jet or laser printer

·                       Tattoo paper

·                       Computer

·                       Word processing software

Step 1

Purchase the tattoo paper with matching adhesive sheets from your craft store or online. Tattoo paper for laser printers is available only at online stores.

Step 2 

   Download free clip art or have the kids draw their own tattoo designs and scan them with a computer scanner. You can also use the free
   clip art that comes with most word processing software. Most inkjets printers will print everything from simple to detailed designs.

Step 3 

Create a design using an image editing program such as Photoshop. You can also use Microsoft Word or Photoshop Essentials. You can create your own design in these programs or incorporate clip art into the tattoo. Numerous websites offer free clip art. You can also use a scanner to scan in images that you would like to use. Insert your art into the document adjusting the size to fit your child’s arms, hands and faces, etc. Smaller than 3 inches by 3 inches is best. Fill the page with multiple images or the same image duplicated. When you are satisfied with your design, save the file. 

Step 4

Print the word processing document on the tattoo paper and allow the ink to dry completely. Attach a sheet of adhesive (included with the tattoo paper) to the printed sheet of tattoo paper.

If you are using Laser tattoo paper will be dry instantly with no waiting time.

Step 5

Cut each design from the sheet and follow the directions that came with your tattoo paper to apply the temporary tattoos. Usually, to apply the temporary tattoo, you will peel away the clear backing and place the tattoo design down on the skin. Then wet the tattoo paper thoroughly with a sponge and peel away the paper after 30 seconds.

Step 6

      The temporary tattoos will look more realistic if rinsed with water after application. 

      Step 7 

      These temporary tattoos will usually last on skin for several days but can be easily removed  with alcohol .       

      To find a terrific selection of temporary tattoos...check out these Temporary Tattoo websites.

     You will find sexy temporary tattoos for adults of a ages as well as adorable tattoos for kids.

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