Body Art with Henna Temporary Tattoos

July 28, 2012

If you have been to a beach front location lately, you have probably seen the henna tattoo artists offering Henna temporary Tattoos.

Henna temporary tattoos are a spiritual type of art that is also referred to as Mehndi. Mehndi temporary tattoos originated in India, Africa, and the Middle East. The people in these areas have been practicing the art form of Mehndi or Henna temporary tattoos for thousands of years. These temporary tattoos are used spiritually rather than just artistically. Many henna artists think of their art as spiritual because the meaning behind their temporary tattoos is the main focus.

Henna temporary tattoos are applied to the skin using crushed henna leaves that are mixed with an assortment other natural ingredients. These tattoo tattoos are harmless unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients. Make sure you know exactly what is in the henna temporary tattoo mixture before having it applied if you are one with allergies.

Henna temporary tattoos take time, especially if it is very artistic. You first get the temporary tattoo mixture painted onto your skin. Next, the artist will apply a paste of lemon juice and sugar. This paste helps the henna temporary tattoo mixture adhere to the skin and helps the color develop. Each person's skin will yield a different color tattoo and it typically takes 48 hours to see the true colors
of the temporary tattoos.

To take care of your henna temporary tattoos, simply wash them as normal. Be sure to use moisturizer twice a day to make the temporary tattoos last. Typical henna temporary tattoos will last up to two weeks.

Henna temporary tattoos are the perfect accessory in the warmer months. You will look gorgeous on your lower back or on your arm and you will look fabulous at the pool or beach. That is typically why you will see so many henna temporary tattoo artists on the beach.

The look of henna temporary tattoos is trendy while also sophisticated. If you are looking for interesting temporary tattoos or if you simply enjoy the look of henna body art, you should consider getting a henna temporary tattoo painted on yourself.

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