All about Temporary Tattoos

May 25, 2011

Temporary Tattoos are no longer just for kids and teens

Sexy Temporary Tattoos are becoming extremely popular with adults of all ages.

These fake tattoos look  like real tattoos on the skin but they actually last for just a few days.

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Why Temporary Tattoos are often called Tramp Stamps

Our readers have asked why our temporary tattoos are often called “Tramp Stamps” or “Tramp Stamp Tattoos”.

The expression “Tramp Stamp” actually refers to lower back tattoos on women.

This expression suggests that the women who wear them may be promiscuous.

Our sexy temporary tattoos will definitely attract attention.

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Personalized Temporary Tattoos

Customized temporary tattoos are a wonderful way to surprise the love of your life with a romantic tattoo gesture.  and  are temporary tattoo companies that offer custom printed temporary tattoos in a variety of styles with any chosen name in the tattoo design.

These companies offer US made temporary tattoos.

These fake tattoos are lots of fun for everyone..

Custom tattoos artwork is included free with these low cost custom temporary tattoos.

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