Advantages of Temporary Tattoos

April 8, 2012

Temporary tattoos are decal transfers that look like real tattoos but wear off after a week or so or can be removed with rubbing alcohol whenever required.

The variety of designs available in temporary tattoos is enormous…almost as much as in real, tattoos, so choice is not an issue.

 An additional advantage of temporary tattoos is the fact that they are not on the body long enough to deteriorate. Real tattoos are in a constant state of wear and during numerous years, they will fade. What was at once a good-looking crisp design may become fuzzy and washed out.

Temporary tattoos are a good method of helping you make up your mind if you would like a real tattoo.   

A good temporary tattoo will last through several showers or a swim but should not be rubbed harshly. Tight clothing like a bra strap may also damage a temporary tattoo. However if you want to remove a temporary tattoo it is very simple to do so with household rubbing alcohol.

 There are quite a few companies that can supply custom temporary tattoos. This means that you could design your own temporary tattoos and have them made just for you.

 If you want a real tattoo, before you have it done, it is a good idea to practice with temporary tattoos until you know how people will react.

Temporary tattoos are not expensive but getting permanent tattoos can be very expansive.


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