A Doctor’s Advice on Getting Tattooed or Pierced

Mar 27, 2011

Body art is now seen everywhere you look…on teens, housewives, celebrities, models, doctors, teachers, politicians and more. Most people do not consult a physician before having their body pierced, needled and redesigned, but many consult a physician afterwards. Doctors are increasingly being called upon to either try to remove a tattoo or to treat a nasty infection from any one of the many types of permanent body procedures.  


The current fashion to get tattooed has become ever more popular over the last several decades.

The result of this new fashion statement is that more and more people are now showing up in doctors’ offices.

People are growing up and finding that “Born to Raise Hell” no longer causes the right response from prospective business associates or potential romantic partners. 

The result is that tattoo removal is big business! Tattoo removal is difficult, painful, expensive and requires several treatments. Furthermore, laser removal may not only be unsuccessful but can actually make the tattoo darker! Many unforeseen variables, ranging from the type of inks used in the tattoo to an individual’s immune status can lead to an undesirable outcome of an attempted tattoo removal. The bad news is that a tattooed person may be marked for life. 

Here is some great free advice for people who did not consult a doctor before heading off to the tattoo parlor or local body piercer.  

1. Try a temporary tattoo first. In fact, if you find some high quality temporary tattoos with great designs, you may want to use these permanently instead of a permanent inking. Many of the higher quality fake tattoos that are made in the USA look and feel exactly like real tattoos on the skin. Plus, they usually last for 3 to 5 days, even while bathing with soap or swimming in a chlorinated pool. 

2. If you must have a name inscribed, make sure it’s your mother’s name…or someone who you are positive will be a loved one forever.  Your mom will always be Mom…but your current lover may not be around in a few years. It will be costly and painful to permanently cover up the tattoo with more ink or have it removed…so think before you ink! 

3. There are many serious health risks resulting from permanent tattoos. The dangerous Hepatitis C virus is up six times more common in those who sport tattoos. Health authorities recommend that those who have graced a tattoo parlor should also grace a lab.

Some of the more inexpensive tattoo kiosks may not be able to afford good sterilizing equipment. 

4. Body Piercing was made popular by the PUNK subculture. Since then the body-piercing fad has teens and adults of all ages getting pierced in droves. 

The nostrils, navels and nipples are popular yet painful places to pierce. Tongues have become a favorite site, but beware…the tongue is red due to a huge number of blood vessels. Body piercers pray they don’t hit a blood vessel when they ram a large spike through the tongue.

A painful, swollen tongue can lead to hemorrhaging, tongue infections and other serious complications. 

5. Another common problem is that the metal balls on the tongue often drives dentists crazy because biting down on one can fracture and chip teeth plus lead to a wide variety of mouth problems such as infections and abscesses. 

The moral here is that if you think you must permanently alter your body in one of commonly fashionable ways...learn all you can about the potential problems. Use common sense when choosing a tattoo artist or piercer. This is no the time to be looking for a bargain.

Trying to save money by using an unprofessional or inexperienced person will very often end up costing you a great deal more in both pain and expense.

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