10 Sure-Fire Ways to Promote Your Business with Temporary Tattoos!

Nov 9, 2010 

If you are looking for a sure-fire way to promote your business, look no further than Temporary Tattoos.
Removable or so called fake tattoos appeal to people of all ages…from toddlers to teens to senior citizens! 

Here are 10 ways for businesses to use this incredibly versatile product.  

Advertising Agencies & Public Relations Firms:
Advertising agencies and public relations firms can use temporary tattoos to promote a marketing strategy for their clients.
Kid’s tattoos or adult temporary tattoos can also be passed out during advertising trade shows, conferences, and speaking events. 

Company and Corporate Logos:
Help advertise your company by making your logo into a logo temporary tattoo to hand out during promotional events.
This will undoubtedly draw attention to your business in an exciting and unique way.  

Charities, Fundraisers & Non-Profit Organizations:
Temporary tattoos are an ideal way to help express the spirit of your charity, fundraiser, or non-profit organization.
Simply turn your non-profit organization’s slogan or mission into a temporary tattoo and spread the importance of your campaign to people of all ages.  

Consumer Products Companies:
Hand out temporary tattoos during trade shows, conferences, and other events. Provide temporary tattoos to retailers who distribute your product.  Also, try packaging temporary tattoos with your product…a great way to get customers to come back for more. 

Teen & Kid Marketers:
Catch the attention of children and young adults by giving away temporary tattoos with your product.
Temporary tattoos are a fun and inexpensive way to grab this customer’s attention.  

Car, Boat, Truck & Equipment Dealerships:
Temporary tattoos will help drive auto sales. Give away custom tattoos during special sales events.
Instead of flyers, pass out a temporary tattoo with car or boat emblems, pictures, or even use dealership logo tattoos.

Event Marketing & Trade Shows:
Let temporary tattoos help you advertise at event marketing venues or trade shows.
Temporary tattoos can assist in making your merchandise memorable to consumers of all ages.  

Hospitals, Doctors, Dentists & Emergency Services:
Temporary tattoos are an exciting reward for patients. They are perfect to give to children after their checkups.
Dentists can add a temporary tattoo to the complementary toothbrush and floss packet that is given away after a dental check up.  

Give-A-Ways & Sweepstakes:
Temporary Tattoos are terrific for give-a-ways and sweepstakes of all kinds. Temporary tattoos target audiences of all ages.
A customized temporary tattoo can be the perfect thing for your sweepstakes as a give-a-way.  

Hotels, Resorts & Motel Chains:
Welcome your guests with complimentary tattoos. This is a great way to keep the kids busy and tattoos are waterproof…so the kids will love them around a pool.  

All kinds of companies are realizing that Temporary Tattoos are hard to beat as a promotional tool because they are very inexpensive, do not take up much room and appeal to almost all consumers…very hard to beat!

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