Temporary Tattoo Ideas

February 17, 2013

Temporary tattoos are great because if you don't like it the way it looks, you can remove it and just try again.

Here are some wonderful ideas for temporary tattoos for people of different ages and for different types of events.

Temporary tattoos are absolutely fabulous for kid’s parties! The kids can pick their own tattoo temporary design and apply it in just 10 seconds.

Applying the fake tattoos is so quick and easy that even a small child can do it. Little girls particularly love glitter temporary tattoos and boys love the macho temporary tattoos.

Temporary tattoos are great for teenage parties also. Teens are not old enough to consider getting a real tattoos so they love realistic looking fake tattoos. When deciding on temporary tattoo ideas, the best ones are definitely glitter tattoos and airbrush tattoos. When purchasing the temporary tattoos before the party, keep in mind that they are great for both guys and girls.

Temporary tattoos are always one of the most popular booths at fairs and fundraisers. At any event there will be people of all ages standing in line to get the temporary tattoos.

Gold temporary tattoos are new and very exciting fashion accessory. Teens love Gold tattoos with prom dresses and bikinis at the beach. The Gold tattoos from temporary tattoo factory look exactly like hand painted gold on the skin. Recently Christian Dior offered 24 K gold tattoos for sale at Nordstrom and on the Dior website at a decadent $120 per package. The Gold tattoos offered from temporary tattoo factory look exactly like the Christian Dior Gold tattoos…but are available at an affordable price.

So remember when planning a party or event that temporary tattoos are a great for all ages. There are hundreds of different styles to choose from! Temporary tattoos will definitely add excitement and extra fun to any occasion


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