Temporary Gold Tattoos are the Hottest New Fashion Accessory!

October 7, 2012

They are manufactured and distributed by www.temporarytattoofactory.com and www.goldtattoos.us.com.
Both companies are located in San Diego California and are owned by Temporary Tattoo Manufacturing. 

These gorgeous temporary tattoos look identical to the pure 24K gold hand drawn Gold Tattoos that are found in high end salons in Dubai. You can apply them on yourself in just 10-15 seconds with water…they transfer onto skin quickly and easily! These Temporary Gold Tattoos from Temporary Tattoo Factory will last on the skin for about 5 days and can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol.  

These stunning Gold Tattoos are absolutely the cutting edge of fashion. They were originally created in Italy and until now, they were only available in Dubai at 10 times the cost of the US Gold Tattoos being offered at Temporary Tattoo Factory.

Temporary Gold Tattoos are perfect for women to wear for any special occasion. They are stylish and create a sexy aura of glamour. Gold Tattoos are perfect for party night as well and they look gorgeous with bikinis & sundresses for casual glamour.

Temporary Gold Tattoos are hypo-allergenic and safe for all skin types

There’s no need to pay hundreds of dollars for hand drawn Gold Tattoos. It takes just few minutes to apply this luxurious Gold Tattoo decoration on your own. to body curves. Just position the Gold tattoo on clean and dry skin, wet the paper backing and remove it after 10-15 seconds. Your new Gold Tattoos will remain on your skin for 3-5 days and look gorgeous!

Gold Temporary Tattoos are not just for women. Designs are available that will work for men too! Order your Gold Temporary Tattoos today and you will be amazed at the compliments you will receive.


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