Playing with Temporary Tattoos this Summer

March 8, 2013

There is a new trend in temporary tattoos... whimsical & wacky fake tattoos dare the perfect way to have fun with summer style. Express yourself with low cost temporary tattoos...and avoid the commitment of getting an actual tattoo. Show some artsy side with temporary tattoos applied to your skin on the beach or anywhere you might want to show your independent fun style. Temporary tattoos can be fun and you can quickly remove them before heading to the office, etc.

There is a new brand of temporary tattoos that offers inspirational, geeky and nostalgic messages. The website offers everything that you could ever ask for in the way of temporary tattoos that are fun.

Another new brand offers temporary lip tattoos...these are definitely wild looking and not one for timid people. Some people think that these new temporary tattoos for lips are great for showing your independent fashion sense.

Mustache temporary tattoos allow you to become a master of disguise?  Whether you put these with fake mustache temporary tattoos on your finer or upper lip you will be sure to attract attention.

Get geeky with old fashioned classic pixilated tattoo tattoos...there a new brand out and these fake tattoos are very cool.

Do you have something to say to the world? Wear word temporary tattoos and you will speak loud and clear.

 Something that’s always fun...glow in the dark temporary tattoos. You can party all night long with these fake tattoos and the look is awesome.

Gold Temporary Tattoos are a fabulous new type of fashion statement for 2013. These Gold Tattoos look exactly like real hand painted gold on the skin...they are a gorgeous new type of body art you will love!

Last but not least...try the new temporary tattoos for eyelids...better than eye shadow for creating a totally new fashion trend.

Choose any of the above ideas for temporary tattoos and you will be a hit this summer.


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