Be Creative with Temporary Tattoos at Wedding

December 8,, 2012

Now couples can create unique temporary tattoos for their wedding parties. Many couples are using these custom temporary tattoos as wedding souvenirs for their guests.
It’s a great idea to send temporary tattoos as a surprise to the guests inside of your wedding invitations. The fake tattoos should be a souvenir that is suitable to be worn at the wedding.

Be sure to include your name and wedding date on the temporary tattoos.

Temporary tattoos can be combined with a photo booth at the wedding. The guests will have a blast posing while showing off their fake tattoos…such a unique idea!

Temporary tattoos can also be given to the guests to take home. Bowls filled with the fake wedding tattoos can be placed around the event…don’t forget to include water and cotton balls so that guests can apply their temporary tattoos on the spot.

Gold Temporary tattoos also work beautifully as wedding souvenirs. They are so elegant and can be worn with evening clothes, even at formal weddings.

There is now a US Tattoo company that will make customized Gold Temporary Tattoos from your own designs. Until recently, the gold temporary tattoos could only be purchased overseas.

You will be amazed at what a hit the Gold temporary Tattoos will be with your guests at the wedding!


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